Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Miss me much??

I hope all 17 of my loyal followers haven’t been missing me too much. I've been off being so incredibly awesome and finding things to blog about that I forgot to actually blog about them :)

First, let me touch upon my addiction problem. The library sales ban has been going way better than expected. There have been quite a few sales in the area, but I’ve managed to avoid them all with the exception of one. The one I went to was in the very beginning of September and really it was a selfless act on my part. I had to buy smutty books so that Fiona and Becky could participate in my Smut-tember Fest since I didn’t have enough of my own smutty books to go around. I only bought books for them and none for me. It was actually a fun experience and I scored a couple of goodies for my friends. I haven’t been to a library sale for a couple of months now…I think I’m going on over 2 months and really I have no desire too. I’ve been packing my bookies in preparation for a move and it’s been a real hassle. It’s actually made me realize how much I’ve acquired over the past year so I’m really resolving to get rid of some.

The September ban also went really well. I did acquire 2 books during this time thanks to Allison, but I managed to get rid of 2 in the process so it balanced out. I also conquered my goal of reading 8 books for the challenge. Whoohoo! The challenge was definitely tough since I had Borders emailing me awesome coupons and sales announcements, but it was a really good feeling avoiding all the temptation.

I want to thank the Smut-tember Fest participants: Becky, Allison, Heather, Southpaw and Fiona!! It was definitely a hot month. I read the following smutty books:
This Matter of Marriage
Mine Till Midnight
Seduce Me at Sunrise
Tempt Me At Twilight
Married by Morning
Love in the Afternoon (finished in October)

So that’s it for updates. :)