The Crafty Corner

Welcome to my Crafty Corner! Here is where I hope to feature projects that I’m working on and hopefully will feature other crafters and their works of art.

Currently, I embroider and I can crochet straight things. Straight things mainly being scarves. I haven’t really tried much else, but I’m resolving to be more adventurous so I have a few projects that I’m looking at that require fancy stitching and even round things. :P I learned to crochet from reading The Idiot’s Guide: Knitting and Crocheting and from my very patient mom. For any beginners out there I highly recommend the Idiot’s Guide book. It gives background on the craft, what you need to know about needles, gauging, and yarns as well as easy to follow step by step directions. There are also a couple of easy projects that you can try. I did try the knitting section, but without guidance I had a harder time following the instructions. This fall, however, I plan on taking lessons and will feature my progress on here. Should be fun!

I’ve been embroidering probably since the age of 12. I used to watch my grandmother do it and then one day I decided to go for it. I picked up a pair of pre-printed pillowcases and with the help of the instructions included in the packet I taught myself. I’ve since completed dozens of these pillowcases. They make great personalized gifts for people. I haven’t had much time to do other projects, so again in my quest to be more adventurous I have a few projects I’m looking into in order to advance my skills.

If you are a crafter and have a project you would like featured or a pattern you want to share please contact me at